THE TRAFFIC – Super Freak/Like I Love You. 7″

choi super

I guess I could make a pun loaded comment and say that this is the kind of music that could stop, er no…that’s just Bad Journalism 101. I would never write anything like that. What I should say is that three 45s deep and THE TRAFFIC show no signs of slowing down in the fast lane with their high octane takes on familiar classics. The more churlish reviewer might lazily label them a cover band, but these interpretations aren’t the kind of tracks you would commonly hear down at the local RSL. They turn already muscular music into parquetry aimed weaponry. Dancefloor bath salts for the chemically inclined.

So far they’ve covered Grandmaster Flash, The Prodigy, Jimi Hendrix and um, er…Skrillex. This third outing sees the Melbourne outfit recreating MC Hammer’s, er sorry Rick James Super Freak. Wait until the final part and you’ll hear the Holy Ghost Boy‘s most famous track appear as an inspired bonus. Props for that extra touch of creativity. I either must’ve been asleep or my resurging teenage angst at commercial music must’ve put me into a catatonic state as Justin Timberlake‘s Like I Love You totally passed me by. Or maybe I was so distraught at NSYNC breaking up that I only pledged my allegiance to the talents of Joey Fatone. Yes, I know, I should’ve chosen the kid with the Mickey Mouse ears. Having listened to this new take on that mega smash I went and had a listen to the original. It sounded like the musical equivalent of the Skinny kid, while the update is more akin to the after effects of Charles Atlas’s bodybuilding method. It’s now a b-boy focused floor filler leaving the pop sensibilities behind.

As a deejay it can get really tedious playing the hits, so it comes in handy whenever new interpretations of well known tunes appear on vinyl. Examples such as Mohawesktra‘s version of ‘Paint it Black, Blue Mode‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Calibro 35‘s Get Carter, Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band’s Scorpio, etc… I welcome more of these, but soon mix tapes of b-boy friendly cover versions will be chock full of Choi Productions. And that won’t be a bad thing.

When you make music that is favoured by deejays who play at b-boy jams, eventually there will be footage of people dancing to your music. The initial track on the battle between Poland and Italy is The Traffic‘s cover of Justin’s Like I Love You.

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