PENZA PENZA – Donald Trump. 7″


Estonian funk outfit PENZA PENZA dropped this 45 a few weeks before the USA election. Their timing was impeccable as pressing plant back ups could’ve seen it delayed after the tragic fact. Now I suppose you could be wondering if its pro or con the orange skinned one. Well, its pretty obvious as the vocal side features a gaggle of background voices muttering indecipherable nonsense, while the b-side is just a straight orchestral version. A novelty record? You betcha. But we like to imagine that you can make up your own lyrics  or just scream stupid shit over it while you are tweeting at 3am in the morning. Producer Misha Panfilov has been making waves in 2016 and just before this uptempo gem he treated us with another double-sider through his Sound Combo outfit, You Got It Right / Solar Blast.

It’s the 2nd release on Eee Zee, a sub label of Funk Night and 250 copies only.

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