JAIN – Makeba. 7″


French singer Jain released her song Come last year. It came along with a nifty video by directors Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel and was a clever nod to 19th century born illustrator MC Escher. The directors from production outfit Quad Group turn up the creativity tenfold for her song Makeba from her certified gold 2016 released LP Zanaka. The video filmed in South Africa features some proper talent from the region. The background artwork is from two Jo’burg based visual creatives Karabo Poppy Moletsane and street artist R1.  The video also features dancers from the pantsula crew Perfect Storm from Soweto.

As a child, the Toulouse born, Jain spent time in the Congo and the Middle East as she travelled with her father who was involved in the oil industry. Her mother is from Madagascar and from her its where she knew about the South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba.  She’s also taught herself drums and beat programming and infuses worldly elements into her music. English interview here at Indie Current.

Jain website

Jain on Facebook

Quad Group website

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