HASHISH – A Product of… LP Vinyl


Easily one of my top albums of 2016 and I’m trying to squeeze a few of them in before 2016 comes to a close. Describe by the label as ‘occult Scandinavian psych-funk’, this may be so, but its less demonic than it is triptastic. The genius behind Hashish is  Stefan Kéry, the label owner behind Swedish imprint Subliminal Sounds who specialise in esoteric genres like psychedelica and exotica. If you can imagine dropping LSD while drinking from a Tiki mug watching Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer’s Rising, then that might  send you in the right direction. The album is equal parts exotica, funk, psych and spacey electronica, but combined its a cheescake, a black forest, a lamington, a mud cake, violet crumbles, musk sticks, galaktoboureko, klappgröt and every other single piece of awesome edible treats for the ear canals. But be warned, hidden amongst the grooves there could be a huldra or a troll lurking about.

Highlight for me is Fly Away. The LP version HERE is a delicious 9mins long. It’s the pulsating bassline that elevates this above everything, combined with a magnetic vocal by an unknown female vocalist.  Just mindblowingly amazing.  Showing that Swedish audiences are far more diverse in their listener habits than many realise, due to it being the home of bombastic pop productions, the album went straight to No 1 on the vinyl release the week it was released.

Only 499 copies pressed on wax from the Göteborg located label Woah Dad!. Or via SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS.

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Promo trailer for the album.

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