KADHJA BONET – The Visitor LP Vinyl

Kadhja BonetThe Lost World originally started out as a more relaxed space that subscribed heavily to a musical mantra usually ascribed to that of a Cocktail Bar, but after 4 years its managed to become a more lively beast and the tempo has increased. Despite that we still bookend the nights with many a downtempo track. Revisiting this ideal is a perfect artist that encompasses the exotica, the jazz, the psychedelic, the folky into a mix that defies any specific genre. Unlike no other.

After an injury crippled her athletic career, Kadjha Bonet enrolled briefly into film school, but then returned to her musical wanderings as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. In 2014 she was selected to be part of the Red Bull Music Academy, which was hosted in Tokyo. There she hooked up with German producer RJ and Brisbane lad Mark Maxwell. Their collaboration turned into the wonderfully languid and electronic dreamscape, with hints of 80’s funk, Late Night Munchies. That was one of the 35 tracks featured on the RBMA compilation Various Assests. And easily the highlight.

Enjoy Kadhja’s first stunning single release from 2014, the cinematic Tears for Lamont.

And check her remarkable cover of the The 21st Century‘s 1974 soul ballad Remember the Rain.

I was dismayed that I missed the initial vinyl release of The Visitor when it came out in the UK via Headcount Records in April. It was limited to 300copies. This new USA release, via the well established Fat Possum label is due in October and has a slightly different track listing (disappointingly leaving off Tears for Lamont), but seeing as though the initial UK pressing has already quadrupled in price on the secondhand market, it will be just as eagerly snatched up.

Find the album over at her Bandcamp page.

Words can’t describe how amazing this track sounds. Exquisite.

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