CROSS BRONX EXPRESSWAY – Cross Bronx Expressway. 7″

Originally released in 1974 on the label Zell’s, but with those rare copies reaching unaffordable prices, such as the $668AUD it managed to sell for in 2012 on eBay, it’s a relief to see the label Rocafort reissue it with proper licensing. Both tracks were apparently just some spare tunes that the inhouse band recorded…

MAYA – Synthezoid Heartbreak (7″ vinyl)

Amazing psychedelic space rock from 1975 recently reissued on limited vinyl. Though the preference from the more rock inclined might be for the b-side Distant Visions, it’s all about the funky drums from jazz dude Joe Vassil, bubbling bass from Greg Whalen, emphatic 70s era vocals by Chris Clow and Burk’s impressively emotional guitars on…

AEON SEVEN – Lowdown Spectrum (video mix)

Exciting. I love me a compact megamix.  This is a very well executed visual accompaniment to French lad AEON SEVEN‘s 10min mix Lowdown Spectrum. At the moment it’s a video on YT or available as a digital download over at his Bandcamp page. Really hoping this gets onto vinyl somehow. It takes me back to…

MAGDY EL HOSSAINY – Music De Carnaval. 7″

This is madness. Insanely amazing. Blew my mind. Incredible. The music from the Arabic/middle eastern world has always been hard to investigate. Not just because of region and politics, but because unlike European languages in which we can vaguely work out an identity, Arabic script is impossible to analyse without being versed in the language….

THE MAGNIFICENT TAPE BAND – Patterns In My Mind (7″ vinyl)

I’d call this one Eerie Soul. That’s my genre definition if ever there was to be one. It’s incredibly soulful, but haunting. Sheffield born gospel singer Rachel Modest, formerly of the jazzy hip-hop soul The Bluefoot Project, has been around the traps for awhile, but this is something quite distinctive, penetrating and oh so memorable….